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Hyperobjects | Group Exhibition at Catalyst Arts, Belfast


Date(s) - 07/11/2019 - 05/12/2019

Catalyst Arts Gallery





Exhibition and Special Events

Participating Artists
Art Research Matters | Baum & Leahy | Jez riley French | Joey O’Gorman | Jasmin Märker | Matmos | Robin Price | Saša Spačal | Mark Peter Wright

Free Entry to All, including Non-human Beings

Hyperobjects invites you to look at the world from non-human perspectives and rethink our ecological relationships with the planet and beyond.

Exhibition opening
7/11/19, 6-9pm
With Sonic performance ‘Dissolves’ by Jez riley French, 7pm

Reading Session – Discussion on Timothy Morton’s Hyperobject
21/11/19, 7pm
with Art Research Matters (Ulster Research Salon)
Off-site event at Platform Arts, Belfast

Closing Party
5/12/19, 6-9pm
Audio Session – ‘Artificial Natures’ by Mark Peter Wright, 7pm
Video Documentation Screening – Exhibition viewed through robot’s eyes

*Time subject to change

Showcasing bio-art sculptures, 3D prints, installations, video, text, drawings and sound art, Catalyst Arts presents Hyperobjects, an interdisciplinary programme of exhibition and public events with local and international artists and musicians.

Audience will experience sounds of mineral and civil structure fragments dissolving through the actions of acid rain (Jez riley French); live amplified effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity shared collectively in our modern technology (Mark Peter Wright); sonic properties of plastic, and its wider associations from the everyday to the environmental and political (Matmos); stories told from the perspectives of slime mould, our ancient life companion (Jasmin Märker); speculative world inspired by deep oceanic ecological forms and microbe-centric languages (Baum & Leahy); mesmeric projection of ‘intra-flux’ – a flow of intra-actions in biogeochemical feedback loops perpetuating across scales (Saša Spačal); Lorenz Attractor, butterfly effect visualised in the gallery space (Joey O’Gorman); and the universe clock redefined through a 64-bit computer’s sense of time (Robin Price).

Hyperobjects Exhibition and Programme is supported by Arts Council Northern Ireland. Special thanks to Art Research Matters and Platform Arts for their in-kind support.


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