In Praise of Shadows | Mimi Seery, Public Art Installation at Athlone Library

In Praise of Shadows | Mimi Seery, Public Art Installation at Athlone Library


03/09/2021 - 23/09/2021    


Athlone Library
Athlone Civic Centre, Athlone, Westmeath, N37 N625, Leinster

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On May 2020, Mimi Seery created the Museum of Miniature Public Art as an alternative way to engage the public with art during lockdown. The online exhibition invited participants to perform a short meditation before projecting themselves into this tiny world she created. Using the power of imagination the viewer is immersed in this miniature world where time, space and lockdown restrictions no longer exist. They are there amongst their family and friends, together in this new realm, fully immersed in the art they are viewing. One of those works has now become a reality.

In Praise of Shadows is a typographic shadow installation that uses our most powerful and nurturing natural rescource – the sun – to directly communicate the message of focusing on the present moment. Nature is literally speaking to us.

Watching the text appear and disappear according to the suns visibility reminds us of how fleeting, and how special each and every moment we have really is.

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