‘Inside the Circle – Exploring Cold Spaces’ | Heidi Wickham at Hamilton Gallery

'Inside the Circle - Exploring Cold Spaces' | Heidi Wickham at Hamilton Gallery


05/06/2021 - 31/07/2021    


Hamilton Gallery
4 Castle St, Sligo, Sligo

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Hamilton Gallery is very pleased to host the exhibition ‘Inside the Circle – Exploring Cold Spaces’ by Heidi Wickham.

Heidi is the recipient of the Cairde Visual Hamilton Gallery Award from 2019.

Inside The Circle – Exploring Cold Spaces

The title of the exhibition refers to imagery related to the area inside the Arctic Circle. I have long been fascinated with the art , landscape, peoples and artefacts from the extreme north of our world. In this collection, I have cherry picked some of my favourites : the ice bears, seals, Inuit faces and the sounds of the extreme, there is even a telephone that connects you to a roaring bear soundscape.

I have also referenced the changes affecting the inhabitants, namely sea pollution, reduced sea ice attributed to global warming and the decline of ancient tribal identity from the ever encroaching developed world in search of mineral deposits and over fishing. To me, there is absolute beauty in the bleakness of the polar landscape, as well as a hugely rich art and song culture that defines the northern tribes so magnificently.

This will be a quiet space to step into and lose yourself for a few minutes, partly informative, partly visual art, but wholly immersive.

Gallery opening times:  Mon – Sat 10am to 5pm; Bank Holiday Mon – closed



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