Interior and Exterior Exteriors | Patricia McCormack at Custom House Studios + Gallery

Interior and Exterior Exteriors | Patricia McCormack at Custom House Studios + Gallery


03/06/2021 - 27/06/2021    


The Custom House Studios Gallery
The Quay, Westport, Mayo

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Custom House Studios + Gallery, The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo are pleased to host an exhibition Interior and Exterior Exteriors, a photographic series, by Patricia McCormack.
Exhibition runs from Thursday, 3rd June until Sunday, 27th June 2021.

A distant murmur in an almost inaudible utterance.
A series of helpful notes in the structure of a galaxy.
A recurring idea to which the only response is ‘I know’.
If everything in the Universe is moving, then why do we call it static?

This photographic series presents the artist’s fascination with the emptiness of open and contained spaces. Each location has been filled with more emptiness by opening them up to an exterior beyond their own exteriors. The vacuum of space, the everything and the nothing. What lies beyond these exteriors is a place so dark you can see all that is bright; every birth of a star, every death of a sun. A place where stars do not twinkle because there is nothing in their way. A boundless place, so full and so empty at the same time, where anything permitted by the laws of physics can and will happen, given enough time.

These images have been created with a combination of 35mm colour film and ink on paper. The landscapes and interiors the artist has chosen for this series have been collected over the last several years, from places she simultaneously did and did not want to be in. There is both a coldness and a warmth to these hybridized places. The former is emphasized in the dictionary styled definitions provided alongside the series. Incidentally, these definitions are as ungraspable as the subject itself is.
The exteriors within these places are artificial constructions, and this is a fact not hidden from the viewer. They have been heavily influenced by long nights spent by the artist at various telescopes, trying to catch a glimpse of that cold and silent vastness above, from her cold and silent vantage point below. Two pieces from the series stand alone, in black and white. They are repurposed from 19th century advertisements plucked from books discarded by the librarians at Edinburgh College of Art.

Each image, and their respective titles, creates a launch pad for conversation around our knowledge of astrophysics, our relationship with space exploration and science fiction, our inability to know everything about the cosmos, and humanities constant search for the answer to the question – why are we here?
The scenes in these photographs sit on the astronomical fence between fact and fiction. They are not real, and yet they also are.

Patricia McCormack is an Irish artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work explores astronomy and astrophysics through photography and painting, collage, installation and, more recently, Python code. Born in Ireland in 1988 Patricia graduated from the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin, with a First-class Honours degree in Visual Art Practice (2011).In 2012 she completed a Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She then moved to Scotland to undertake a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice at the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh, (2016). She has exhibited her work in galleries throughout Scotland, England and Ireland.

Interior and Exterior Exteriors is Patricia’s first solo show in Ireland.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm).
Saturday/Sunday/ Bank Holiday (1pm – 4.30pm).


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