JournALL | Artists Featured Weekly by Curator Valeria Ceregini


JournALL | Artists Featured Weekly by Curator Valeria Ceregini Date/Time
Date(s) - 11/05/2020 - 30/06/2020





JournALL rises in response to these unsettling times inviting artists to share their creative and alternative view across all disciplines.

A virtual closeness to contrast the social distance and to support international artists and their practice during the progressive worldwide lockdown and suspension or definitive cancellation of all art activities and events (e.g. exhibitions, fairs, talks, workshops, etc).

Every Thursday (the usual day for the opening of the exhibitions) will be uploaded and posted an artwork (e.g. paintings, sculptures, photos, videos, performances) with a short description of the piece, a brief thought from the artist to describe their practice and contemporary experience, and their short bio.

This wants to be an easy and immediate way to create an appointment during all the pandemic time to support and connect international artists at any stage of their career to share their researches with the wider audience. Both the website and the social media, in particular Instagram, are thought as a photo gallery: the visual impact of a heterogeneous group of works and artists linked on the same platform/project/planet.

In conversation with… is a live chat to connect actively all artists invited to take part in this project to talk about their research and involvement with the uncertainty of these times.
These interviews want to give the resources to perform and react creatively at this crisis.

Virtual Exhibitions are a series of group shows online to allow everyone to enjoy the atmosphere of a gallery just from home. A special content and a virtual platform to continue to collaborate with artists and to produce new events.

Meet the JournALL Artists

Ugo Ricciardi
Through this new body of photographs, Ugo is exploring the slowness of nature staying at home and rediscovering the natural beauty of his home garden.

Nicola Anthony
This new piece from the Poetry Net Series is very fresh – made during the recent weeks of lockdown in the temporary home-studio of the text artist Nicola.

Bernadette Hopkins
This work considers the rights of individuals and communities over the natural environment they live and work in and the political and economic force of mining companies.


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