Meditative Monitor | Kurb Junki Online Exhibition

Meditative Monitor | Kurb Junki Online Exhibition


01/01/2021 - 31/03/2021    


Online, n/a, n/a

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Meditative Monitor is an online exhibition that presents a series of paintings through a video piece which acts as an exhibition simulation while also highlighting concerns around freedom, restrictions, our attention span and our relationship with the internet.

Kurb Junki is an Irish artist who has a long standing relationship with graffiti and skateboarding culture along with a degree in fine art from the National College of Art and Design. Kurb’s background combined with a formal eduction in contemporary art has shaped the roots of his art practice. He is exploring mark making, ownership of public space, human identity and behaviour while also using the image of a burger as a focal point in the work.

The image of a burger is a universal symbol that supersedes conventional language and is understood worldwide. With that in mind Kurb has taken ownership of this symbol. His interpretation of the burger is becoming progressively more abstract as his practice develops in the mediums of painting, print, video, installations, performances and publications. He currently works in a studio space in Dublin but also works in the public space frequently.

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