Mulhuddart Satellite | Michael McLoughlin at Draiocht, Blanchardstown


Mulhuddart Satellite | Michael McLoughlin at Draiocht, Blanchardstown Date/Time
Date(s) - 17/11/2018 - 23/02/2019

Draiocht Blanchardstown





Mulhuddart Satellite is an exhibition by Michael McLoughlin that projects a piece of Mulhuddart into Draíocht; particularly the stories and chat between friends that happen every day and celebrates how important this interaction is in making sense of where we live.

Mulhuddart has been a prominent West Dublin civil parish for hundreds of years. Along with Clonsilla and Castleknock, it was one of the main three areas of what is now Dublin 15. With this exhibition, we aim to present visions of Mulhuddart as presented by clubs, community networks and groups of friends who help define this continually developing vibrant area.

McLoughlin has been Artist in Residence in Draíocht since 2017. The role we asked Michael to take on was that of ‘diviner’ (coined by Sharon Murphy, Curator in Residence), to spend time in Mulhuddart developing an understanding of the communities within it and in turn begin to suggest possible linkages between Draíocht, Mulhuddart residents and the participations that could build potential points of connection.

The Mulhuddart Satellite exhibition presents a number of ‘mappings’ of Mulhuddart, each presented as an installation in the gallery, drawings, or as public radio broadcasts. One piece, for instance, consists of a bank of wall mounted loudspeaker cones and was made from McLoughlin’s door to door calls to every home in Mulhuddart, in an attempt to record the names of every resident. Another draws on local archaeology and changes in what Mulhuddart is, over several centuries.

In the Ground Floor Gallery, an installation that takes the name of the exhibition ‘Mulhuddart Satellite’ features spatial recordings of conversations between community groups in Mulhuddart and is made from banks of speakers hanging from the gallery ceiling through which the audience negotiate their way through conversation, chat and stories.

Overall the exhibition explores place, belonging, friendships and the connections we have to the people around us. This sense of place is something we can’t take for granted and exhibitions like ‘Mulhuddart Satellite’ can act as a gentle reminder of how our relationships with neighbours, friends and family define us and the place we live.

Throughout the exhibition, there will be opportunities to explore some of these themes through workshops, talks and screenings.

Meet the Artist: A Meet the Artist event will take place on Saturday 24 November at 12pm in our Ground Floor Gallery, with Michael McLoughlin in conversation with Caroline Cowley, Public Art Co-ordinator, Fingal Arts Office. All welcome.

Curated by Sharon Murphy.


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