National Collection of Contemporary Drawing (NCCD) at Limerick City Gallery of Art

National Collection of Contemporary Drawing (NCCD) at Limerick City Gallery of Art


09/07/2021 - 12/09/2021    


Limerick City Gallery of Art
Pery Square, Limerick, Limerick, Munster

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The exhibition will comprise of selected works curated by Samuel Walsh from the NCCD

2021 is the 30th year of The National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, (NCCD) donated by Limerick Contemporary Art to LCGA in 1991.

In 1991 we decided as a group with much prompting from myself to hand our collection of drawings as it was at the time over to the Limerick City Gallery of Art as a gift.  We felt our work had been done and our point proved and the collection has been added to by the gallery and now stands as an admirable collection of contemporary drawing with a national reputation.   We also negotiated with the Arts Council of Ireland to place on permanent loan the drawings from their collection in LCGA as part of the NCCD.   The great advantage of this loan was the bringing together of drawings by artists at different stages in their careers, an aspiration we had always had for the collection.    This also solved the problem of not being able to buy works of the past!

The collection now numbers over 200 artworks and represents the work of some of Ireland’s leading artists and some of international reputation and origin.  Parts of it or selections from it are shown at LCGA on a regular basis and it is accompanied by an initial first documentation of the collection in catalogue form.   The National Collection of Contemporary Drawing has been toured and exhibited in many gallery and art centre venues throughout Ireland. 

History and time give a collection value and it is now over 30 years since I first suggested we should have a National Collection of Contemporary Drawing in Limerick. Artists have always drawn.   In the past these were occasionally given little value by both artist and audience but in the hands of an artist like Leonardo da Vinci his note books full of drawings and sketches tell us more about him than any final work he may have completed or in Leonardo’s case; unfinished! Drawings are the way into an artist’s soul and that’s the way it has always been.  Contemporary living artists are no different in that sense to the artists of the past and to those artists of the future. ‘

*excerpt taken from Samuel Walsh statement for the exhibition.

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