Online Artist Event | Bodies of Water Reading Group from Dance Limerick

Online Artist Event | Bodies of Water Reading Group from Dance Limerick


15/06/2021 - 18/06/2021    

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This is an invitation to share a body of text with you, to read aloud together and to hydrate our interconnected feminist thinking and embodiment. At a time where our bodies are high-risk entities of contagion, how do we connect? How do we embrace our fluidity, allowing for our bodies to be porous, leaky and full of force whilst connecting with care to each other and our environment?

I am a singular, dynamic whorl dissolving in a complex, fluid circulation. – Astrida Neimanis

Hydrofeminism explores solidarity across watery selves, across bodies of water. It highlights that we are all involved in this through watery interactions and circulations. Water flows through bodies, species and materialities, connecting them for better or worse. In this aqueous circulation we absorb and leave traces, that are often invisible to the ones who take a sip. With this reading group I want to share a selected watery text with you by giving it voice through reading it aloud together and allowing for the ripples of dialogue to expand.

Hosted by Isabella Oberländer.

Note: Each participant will to read aloud by booking this event, limited capacity.

Choice of dates: 15 June, 6-7:30pm or 18 June, 2-3:30pm

Book here.

Supported by the Arts Council Bursary Award.

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