Online Artist Talk | Sheng-Wen Lo and Maria Delaney, PhotoIreland Festival

Online Artist Talk | Sheng-Wen Lo and Maria Delaney, PhotoIreland Festival


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Join investigative journalist Maria Delaney who interviews artist Sheng-Wen Lo on his socially engaged practice, his scientific approach through his projects TUNA and F/EEL, while also addressing the urgent issue of overfishing and transparencies in the sector.

TUNA is currently exhibited at Rathfarnham Castle, as part of the group exhibition Bite the Hand That Feeds You, for PhotoIreland Festival 2021. See the full programme at


Maria Delaney (T: @mhdelaney) is an investigative journalist for Noteworthy, a platform by Journal Media, publishers of Ireland’s leading online news source Recently, she spent a number of months investigating the fishing industry in Ireland as part of Noteworthy’s NET LOSS project which examined overfishing, fishery controls and transparency in the sector.

Sheng-Wen Lo is a Dutch-based Taiwanese artist interested in relationships between non-humans and societies. These relationships fascinated the artist since childhood: Why do people love and pet certain animals? Why do people eat certain species but not others? Why are some people scared of little bugs? Lo believes these relationships reflect people’s values, attitudes and collective memories toward their surroundings.

Daily experiences are his starting points. As mass production seems to ease life, there is a tendency for us to presuppose, to take things for granted. For defying this tendency, Lo thinks we should be raising questions instead of blindly following social frameworks. Instead of reaching conclusions or consensus; he believes in discussions and dissensus. The intention, hence, is to spark debates while constructing experiences, which encourage audiences to doubt, formulate questions, and challenge the status quo.

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