Online Exhibition | Constellation by Amna Walayat and Carol Reid White

Online Exhibition | Constellation by Amna Walayat and Carol Reid White


01/03/2021 - 31/12/2021    

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Constellation is a virtual exhibition by Carol Reid White and Amna Walayat

Presented by LHQ, Cork County Library and Arts Services, from March 2021.

For its first virtual exhibition of 2021, LHQ Gallery presents Constellation, an exhibition by artists Carol Reid White and Amna Walayat. Reid White incorporates collage methods, while Walayat uses the traditional and neo- miniature painting technique in her work.

Through their work the Cork-based artists both explore and interrogate history and its related iconography, allegories and metaphors through fragmentation and re-contextualising. The artists then create new constellations through painting and collage. These images, layered with historical connotation in eastern and western subjects, articulate new meanings and generates a fresh dialogue with its viewer to recall on their own personal experiences and knowledge of history.  The artworks create a visual tension between naïve images which are loaded with critical, ironic, social and political commentaries on history.

Carol Reid White born in New Jersey in the 1950s. She has been making collages since the 1960s. Her first serious outing was submitting black-and-white arrangements for her High School Yearbook in 1969. It took a while for the faculty advisor to say, “Yes”.

Reid White explains her fascination with the medium over several decades:

“Collage is a scavenger’s medium.  It provokes. Collage can have political messages or allow experimentation with digital media.   Found paper, found objects, fabric or vintage ephemera can exist beside art history or yesterday’s news.  Paper and glue. Never be deceived by simple materials.  The world can be torn open on a page.”

Her recent exhibitions include Mama Papa Dada, Germany, Winter 2020; Retroavantgarda 3; curated by Anna Klos, Warsaw, Poland, March 2020;  MERZ Gallery, curated by Ric Kasini Kadour, Scotland, Jan/Feb 2020 exhibit; Il Purgatorio, Corsi, Italy, March 2018-March 2019; Sarah Walker Gallery, Castletownbere, Co. Cork, May – June 2019. and Collage: 3 Artists, Blue House Gallery, Schull, County Cork, April-May 2018. Carol White’s work was featured in the chapter, “Playing with Paper”, of The Collage Ideas Book by Alannah Moore (Octopus Press, 2018); and in “Selections from The Flying Glue Book” in Kolaj #22.

Amna Walayat’s current body of work deals with the “culture of shame” and the collective behaviour of society.  In the name of Shame, individuals are forced to take steps that are against accepted human values. Some examples are mother and baby homes in Ireland, a scandal that happened, indeed, in the name of family honour or a woman’s shame. Female and children’s bodies become the victims of the “culture of shame”, with murder, exploitation and related violence is common throughout the world.  Walayat’s work explores the culture of shame in Pakistan, where she grew up. Walayat’s work also includes images of Queen Victoria, the most powerful living female in her time who controlled almost the whole world in her long lifetime.  Nobody could shame or harm to her despite of her involvement in many Imperial scandals.

Amna Walayat has an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, History, Theory and Criticism from University College Cork in 2015. She also has a Masters’ in Fine Arts from University of the Punjab, Lahore in Pakistan in 2002. She has worked as Program Organizer with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts; Curator with Alhamra Arts Council and PhD studio-based researcher with PURAF, University of The Punjab. Her major areas of research for her artwork are British India, colonialism, orientalism, migration, and gender. She recently established the Ireland-Pakistan Arts Exchange (IPAE) to bring both art communities together through creating opportunities for networking and exchange. She has curated an E-Exhibition, ‘Re-Root’ with the Pakistani Artists Community in Ireland in collaboration with the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin which was showcased in August 2020. She curated Opportunities in Pakistan in collaboration with VAI.

Amna Walayat has been a long resident in UK and France before settling in Cork, Ireland. She is a recipient of Arts Council Ireland ‘Visual Artist Bursary Award, 2020’ and ‘Professional Development Award-2021’ and Dilkusha Award 2021.

View Constellation here.

Exhibition Catalogue

Amna Walayat video works:

  1. “Pain”…..
  2. “Play”….
  3. “Cutting”….

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