Online Exhibition | Is glas iad na cnoic at Olivier Cornet Gallery


Online Exhibition | Is glas iad na cnoic at Olivier Cornet Gallery Date/Time
Date(s) - 18/04/2021 - 14/05/2021





A solo exhibition by Olivier Cornet Gallery artist Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Launch of the exhibition: Online in the 3D Virtual Space here, Sunday 18 April 2021, from 12 noon onwards.
Images of the show will also be available on their website.

Availability of the show: Online in the 3D Virtual Space. Also by appointment at the Olivier Cornet Gallery when lockdown level 5 measures are lifted.

The exhibition will run until 14 May 2021.

Is glas iad na cnoic is an exhibition of new paintings by Olivier Cornet Gallery artist Eoin Mac Lochlainn.

This series of multi-faceted paintings celebrates the everyday wonders of the living planet although feelings of anxiety, grief and loneliness are never far from the surface. The title of the series comes from the Irish proverb: the faraway hills are green, a reminder that what we have is already enough. Perhaps being confined during lockdown made us grateful for little things – like the singing of the blackbird or the reappearance of primroses – but for me, it also highlighted the precarious nature of the world we live in.

Mahatma Ghandi once wrote that there is enough on the planet for man’s need but not enough for man’s greed. What do we actually need? How much is enough? As the period of lockdown has shown, many of us can make do with a lot less than we had become accustomed to – but what about the arts? What about beauty? Can we do without beauty in our lives?

We don’t have to. We have an awareness of beauty in our minds. We all have memories of different times and different places that we cherish. It was my memories that sustained me during these difficult times and inspired my new work.

The work has taken the form of windows, windows to worlds far away and out of reach. It was created incrementally, starting as daily sketches and small exercises in the studio, gradually coming together in larger compositions that were simultaneously figurative and abstract.
-Eoin Mac Lochlainn

High res images are available on request.

Please visit to follow the latest updates on the reopening of the gallery and current viewing options at your disposal.


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