Online Exhibition | Nature Collated at the Presentation Arts Centre


Online Exhibition | Nature Collated at the Presentation Arts Centre Date/Time
Date(s) - 12/03/2021 - 01/05/2021





The Presentation Arts Centre is proud to present Nature Collated, an online exhibition of work by visual artist Anne Martin Walsh.

Anne graduated with a 1st class, BA Honours degree in Fine Art from the Wexford Campus School of Art & Design, IT Carlow in 2017 and completed her Mastered Degree in Fine Art at CIT, Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, in January 2019. Anne now lives and works from her home studio on Bree Hill, Co. Wexford.

Anne’s practice revolves around painting, photography and printmaking, sometimes installed in combination with sculptural elements. Central to this work are themes of sexual and cultural identity that relate to our natural environment and reference a range of topics taken from history and mythology. Environmental issues are never far from her concerns. Her research involves an examination of geomagnetic ley-lines, ancient sites, Sheela-na-gig and rituals such as divination. She likes to engage in quiet conversation with nature, gleaning knowledge from an intimate connection with the elements and then using this experience to produce art which invokes a sense of spirituality and/or an awareness of ongoing environmental issues.=

Anne is interested in colour, the layering of paint and different forms of mark-making, working intuitively on canvas, board or paper.  The art becomes visceral, primal and gestural in its making, with embedded references to a landscape inscribed through the chosen medium.  Her printmaking process is kept as organic as possible, using collagraph, woodcut and dry-point, the subject matter remains earth related. She considers her photography to be an integral part of her process while also serving as documentation for her more ephemeral artwork.

“From the immensity of global warming to the simplicity of what lies beneath my feet Nature Collated is about looking, seeing, touching, feeling. It involves the use of my senses to connect with the elements, and through divination, something so much more powerful than I can imagine.  Through painting, print, and photography the concerns of our natural world are shown to be my concerns.  I see the bond between us and the earth as one to be nurtured.  It is, after all, at the very core of our survival.

“The resulting work is a reminder of all that is happening in the world around us, the human race in a frenzy of greed continues to destroy, and yet there can be a strange kind of visual beauty in this destruction.  We are a part of this earth just as this earth is a part of us and the destruction of our planet is, without fail, connected to our own demise. This work is a notation; lest we forget.”  – Anne Martin Walsh

Anne has participated in several groups shows in Ireland during 2019/2020, including a joint exhibition in The Creative Hub, Wexford; FORCE/EFFECT/RESPONSE, from 14th December, 2019 to 12 January, 2020. Anne was one of eight artists selected to take part in the in –school residency programme; The Living Arts Project 2019/20. Her exhibition, VIBRATION: Embracing a Higher Connection to Our Planet, at Kamera 8, Wexford, 2020, was her first major solo show since graduating from her Masters. Collaborating with two other artists and a lecturer in Sacred Anthropology at Carlow College, the exhibition Architectures of Belief will run in Carlow College from 15th February, 2020 until the end of June, 2020.

View the exhibition here.


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