Pack, Unpack | Rachel Macmanus at Shannon Airoprt


Date(s) - 19/12/2019
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Shannon Airoprt





Date: Thursday 19 December 10- 12pm.


Pack, Unpack is a 2 hour durational public performance by the performance artist Rachel Macmanus. Pack, Unpack addresses contemporary challenges around consumerism, ownership, anxiety and how we manage our increasingly chaotic lives.

Pack, Unpack is a Sisyphean metaphor for all of us trying to organize our belongings and as such our increasingly chaotic lives into some order. It’s a reflection on how anxiety can manifest itself, and how consumerism has taken over our lives. Do we really need all this stuff? Being compelled to repeat the action over and over again, unable to stop. Is there some comfort in the repeated action? Do we turn to mindless repetitive actions when overwhelmed? Airports are places of heightened emotion, especially around the holidays. Pack, Unpack reflects these emotions and invites the audience to consider what really matters to them at this time of year.


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