Peoples and Persons | Group Exhibition at The Copper House Gallery, Dublin


Peoples and Persons | Group Exhibition at The Copper House Gallery, Dublin Date/Time
Date(s) - 30/11/2018 - 07/12/2018

The Copper House Gallery





Opening: Friday November 30, 6:30-8:30pm

Taproot Art presents new exhibition, Peoples & Persons which explores the difference of how the human form is utilised visually in the current era through a range of medium. Curated by Sophie Murphy.

A practice which extends as far back to Ancient Egypt, Portraiture as an artistic practice was traditionally used to convey the essence of a specific person – their traits both physical and quirks. It was traditionally used to serve a specific function, to depict the appearance of a given individual usually of great importance, as well as having aesthetic and technical appeal. After the birth of photography, portraiture in general endured a semiotic metamorphosis, with the actual need or purpose of figurative depiction being called into question. The retrospective manifestations of this, which still live on to this day, resulted in the artist enduring a greater freedom in who and what they would like to depict – friends, family, muses or even pets – and how they wanted to do it.

This freedom manifests further when we observe how figures are also used to depict something that doesn’t necessarily represent a specific individual, but rather – some human. In this instance, the human form is a subject which which doesn’t necessarily relate to a specific person, but rather another message upon which the figure is simply a vehicle.

Peoples and Persons explores how figures – both specific and non specific – are used in both contexts in the current era, through a range of different styles medium. There will feature acclaimed Irish street artists including Decoy & Aches Dub, James Kirwan, as well as International figurative contemporary painters Jay Miriam & Kathryn Rose.


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