(s)Light of Hand 2020 Award Winners Exhibition | Matthew Gammon and Matt Connors at The Photographer’s Eye Collective, USA

(s)Light of Hand 2020 Award Winners Exhibition | Matthew Gammon and Matt Connors at The Photographer's Eye Collective, USA


05/06/2021 - 03/07/2021    
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


The Photographer\'s Eye Collective
326 E Grand Ave, Escondido, California, 92025

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(s)Light of Hand 2020 Award Winners Exhibition: Matthew Gammon & Matt Connors

Annually our gallery hosts a juried exhibition of Alternative Process photography. The Juror and the Gallery Director each select a photographer for an award. Last year’s juror, Dan Burkholder chose printmaker Matthew Gammon of Ireland for his award and Donna Cosentino selected Carmel, California photographer Matt Connors for the Director’s Award. The two-person exhibition is then held the following year.

Matt Connors works principally with the Palladium process as well as with Cyanotype. Both of these processes rely on hand-coating photographic emulsion onto paper then exposing a negative to light with distinctively unique outcomes. Of his work Connors says, “I simply seek to rediscover Beauty. I believe there is a place for Beauty in the world, and that if more of us spent more time feeling the wonder, awe, appreciation and humility one feels when one brushes one’s fingertips against Beauty, we’d live in a better world”

Matthew Gammon of Boyle, in the west of Ireland, works in the Photo Intaglio process. He uses a contemporary printmaking process using a photopolymer plate onto which a negative is exposed, chemically etched, inked and subsequently run through a printing press. Of his work Gammon says, “I am very interested in looking at how we interpret architectural structure in both the natural and man-made landscapes. Through the abstraction of what I believe to be the essential elements in what I see around me, I produce works that provide a different perspective on how we witness our surroundings.”

Special thanks to Culture Ireland for their sponsorship of Matthew Gammon’s work.

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