Slip Stream | Rebecca Bradley at microGALLERY


Slip Stream | Rebecca Bradley at microGALLERY Date/Time
Date(s) - 03/09/2021 - 30/09/2021
9:00 pm

microGALLERY at 46 Grand Parade





Slip Stream by Rebecca Bradley

microGALLERY project 4

MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade

3-30 September 2021

The audience of the microGALLERY are kept at a remove by a pane of glass, a pre-requisite of viewing that has become ever more normal as we negotiate the world through face visors and communicate through hastily rigged up protective screens. The gallery provides a small self- contained space that precludes the haptic encounter with the work on display; no smell of thinners and linseed, no close up inspections of vascular nodules of paint. The audience is like Benjamin’s Flaneur looking in the window as “the city splits for him into its dialectical poles. It opens up to him as a landscape, even as it closes around him as a room” 1

Rebecca Bradley’s new site-responsive work at the Gallery Grand Parade is open to view through the window adjacent to the river. Consisting of paintings on loose canvases and found grounds this work contemplates this specific location at a busy pedestrian intersection where natural and manmade interventions meet in the context of  the many edge locations around Cork City where urban development and nature meet and contest their ground.

1) Benjamin, W. 1999a. The arcades project. H. Eiland & K McGlaughlin (Trans.). Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

Rebecca Bradley employs paint and everyday found materials to explore ideas about our encounters with landscape and memory. For her exhibition, Slip Stream she presents time-based installations, in a variety of mediums and iterations that blur the boundary between painting and sculpture.  Her installations contemplate landscape as a construct based on interactions between unstable natural and man-made elements, processes, and perceptions. Throughout September, Bradley assembles a procession of site-responsive installations that reflect on the effects of erosion, accumulation, growth, flooding and recycling using paint, found materials and a spirit of experimentation.

A Publication about Rebecca Bradley’s current practice with an essay Edge Lands by Sarah Kelleher will be launched for Culture Night.


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