Sonia’s Trees | Letizia Lopreiato, PhotoIreland Festival 2021, MVP and John Gunn Camera Shop in Dublin

Sonia's Trees | Letizia Lopreiato, PhotoIreland Festival 2021, MVP and John Gunn Camera Shop in Dublin


27/08/2021 - 29/08/2021    
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Event Type

A PhotoIreland Festival 2021 Open Program Event:

 Join us on Friday August 27th 6 to 10 p.m. for celebrating the Dublin arrival of Sonia’s Trees – Letizia Lopreiato’s new visual poetry documentary shot on 35mm photography between Ireland’s County Clare and County Waterford.

A project architected by the artist to serve as an art-based awareness campaign for eco-sustainability, in support of the cause of Ireland’s reforestation thanks to its native seeds and trees.  

This celebratory show at MVP venue will continue until Sunday August 29th

 Please see August 27th opening night program below:

– Full showcase of the 35mm photography and poetry of Sonia’s Trees project

– Free give away of native Irish seeds’ bags and a thank you note from the artist as a sign of gratitude for your support to the cause of reforestation of Ireland

–  A professional circus show by the artist’s friend and environmental psychology research analyst Aidan Ring, to complement the themes of the project .

(Please note: no booking is required, walk ins are welcome to visit the show. Please refer to MVP staff for all current health and safety guidelines should you choose to dine at the venue).


Visual Artist Letizia Lopreiato has been collaborating with Sonia’s Trees project patron John Gunn Camera Shop, to create a very special Irish native seeds and photography give away, to support this art-based awareness campaign and its celebrations’ events in Dublin!

FEEL FREE TO CALL BY JOHN GUNN CAMERA SHOP from Wednesday August 25th TO PICK UP YOUR GIFT: the artist will leave 5 special tokens every day at the shop and they will be given FREE on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED Basis! 

Please see description below for more details about “Sonia’s Tree’s” creative documentary project and about the art-based awareness campaign for eco-sustainability that visual artist Letizia Lopreiato has organised, and which finally arrived in Dublin too from Waterford, for all Sonia’s trees friends, photography and poetry aficionados!

 In the artist’s words:

Two women, the artist and her protagonist, mirroring each other, in the strength, the faith in their dreams of love, of a heart-centred life, and of real freedom for our spirit, in the resilience built whilst called to face all challenges in life … Just like the native seeds of Ireland teach us … In a moment in time when humanity seems to be acting like there is no choice, like the story is already written, Sonia’s Trees is a tale to remind us all that happiness is a choice and all stories can be rewritten, that all experiences can and must be shared again and again, for their power lays in the heart of the ones who choose to listen, listen to themselves and to one another … Because we do have a choice and our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs do matter. The act of feeling can be painful, a careless life might be easier, for “Hope and Fear are twin Destinies” indeed, but the choice to live a hopeless life, thinking we had no way to change the course of our future, that we are just passing through, only to not feel hurt … It is that selfish act that humanity can’t afford any longer, because it is a choice that leaves not only our physical and psychological environment, but also the ones of who love us, to pay the price, for that happiness … That we didn’t choose. 

About this event

This is the story of a Dublin family who found in the West of Ireland via the Copper Coast of Waterford County, and the native trees of these landscapes, the call for a sustainable future.

A creative documentary including the media of 35mm photography, poetry and spoken word, as well as Super 8 moving image, that evolved into a two months awareness campaign, exploring reforestation and eco-sustainability, through Ireland’s native seeds. 

Letizia has organised a series of events for the launch of the project this summer as part of the Photo Ireland Festival 2021 Open Program, of which a launch talk on July 22nd via Zoom for accessibility, has been the starting point. The recording of the launch talk has been shared by Letizia with the 106 registered attendees of the talk, and it is now live on the artist’s Instagram account for replay:

The artist’s via her visual-poetry project has created an awareness art – campaign around the topic of Ireland’s reforestation with its native trees, taking place between July and August 2021, in both Dublin and Waterford.

“Sonia’s Trees – Seeds, Trees and The Politics of Food in Ireland” was the launch talk of Letizia Lopreiato’s new creative documentary photography project entitled “Sonia’s Trees”, which includes the artist’s 35 mm. photography, Super 8 film moving image, and her poetry and spoken word performance.

“Sonia’s Trees” (2018-2021) is shot on 35mm film both BW and Color and Super 8 moving image, between County Clare and the Copper Coast of County Waterford in Ireland. The project explores the City-Country life duality in Ireland, and its connection with eco-sustainability, the politics of food in the country, and Ireland’s reforestation vision and mission using native trees and seeds.

This body of work covers the life-changing series of events that occurred over the past three years in the life of one of the artist’s dearest friends from Dublin, Sonia McGuirk. She is a single mother who, with her two kids, relocated from the city of Dublin to the West of Ireland, via the Copper Coast in County Waterford, looking for a more sustainable and connected lifestyle for herself and her family.


Please see list of locations for this photography trail the artist has organised to launch this art-based awareness campaign, thanks to this project’s four patrons.

– Both County Clare and County Waterford shots part of the protagonist’s life journey will be showcased in locations across Dublin between August 27th and September 8th, by creating a photography trail for the audience to experience.


This will be rewarded with a bag of native Irish Trees seeds, donated by the artist, in support of the cause of reforestation of Ireland, which is what Letizia Lopreiato’s creative documentary project supports and wants to embody:

In Letizia’s words: The future of Ireland’s land and of its food will be truly in your hands now!

Patrons of Letizia Lopreiato’s “Sonia’s Trees” project in Dublin, where you will be able to enjoy both Letizia’s photography and take away your bag of Irish Native Trees as a sign of gratitude from the artist, are:

– John Gunn Camera Shop on Wexford Street

– Simon’s Place on George Street Arcade

– Wall and Keogh on Richmond Street

– MVP Dublin on Clanbrassil Street

– Alan Hanna’s Bookshop Rathmines

About the artist

Letizia Lopreiato (@letizia_lety_lopreiato)

Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet-artist and film photographer from Dublin (originally from Italy). Letizia is Magnum Photos Portfolio Review featured artist (November 2020), and 2021 solo exhibitor at Exposure Alberta Photography Festival (Canada), with her three year documentary and biographical visual poetry project titled The Timelapse (2018-2021).

Awardee of both the most recent Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Research Bursary (May 2021), and of the Arts Council of Ireland Connect Mentorship Grant (December 2020). she is a registered professional member of Visual Artists Ireland, and a regular contributor to Poetry Ireland. Letizia works with the media of 35mm film expanded photography, poetry, spoken word and most recently Super 8 film moving image, to facilitate the awareness of her visual poetry creative social documentary style, and the interconnected layers of meaning of these elements. The artist writes and performs her poetry both in English, Italian and Spanish. She has seen her work of visual poetry published internationally, across the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Letizia embraced film photography, by introducing a multidisciplinary approach to her poetry, three years ago, only a few months after her visual impairment was diagnosed. Letizia’s visual poetry and photography practice is inspired by her academic research background in History of International / Intercultural Relations, Philology and Semiotics, Psychology and Sociology of Communication, at a macro-approach level.

Letizia comes from a Magna Cum Laude MA Degree research background in International Relations for Cooperation and Development in Milan, as well as a BA Degree in Political Studies, majoring in the use of media within politics and international organisations. Letizia completed in 2020, her Postgraduate in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Trinity College Dublin.

Letizia is leveraging within her art practice, her professional program-management experience matured over a decade working in the tech industry, across four different countries; this background is allowing her to advance her interest in, and vocation towards, the topics of barrier-free technologies for social justice, inclusivity, equality and cooperation within the Visual Arts and Photography sectors.


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