The Black Monolith of the Flâneur | Frederic Huska at The MAC

The Black Monolith of the Flâneur | Frederic Huska at The MAC


11/12/2020 - 24/01/2021    


10 Exchange St, Belfast

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The Black Monolith of the Flâneur is a filmic work and photographic series which portrays a melancholic and indecisive figure, unconsciously symptomatic of the neo-liberal era. Limiting themselves to a reduced perimeter in Dublin’s north inner city, the flâneur gets lost in the solitude of the real, in the contradictions and the movement of impossibility that uncontrollably assert themselves on an inner emotional experience.

The flâneur roams through the urban space on a helpless impulse. Lingering on absurd or dissonant details, on pieces of construction that are fragmented, divided, dilapidated, archaic or untimely – and with an impenetrable or unfathomable psychic dimension – the flâneur faces the impossibility of grasping a historical memory, of progressing or taking a position in time.

In this work, the artist uses photography, traditionally considered as a pause in time, in a paradoxical way, to open up speculative and undetermined possibilities in response to a future that is indistinct and uncertain, yet a future with innovative potential still to be discovered.

Time: Wed – Sun, 10am – 4pm

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