The Works We Thought We Had | Group Exhibition at the Limerick Museum


The Works We Thought We Had | Group Exhibition at the Limerick Museum Date/Time
Date(s) - 21/04/2022 - 05/05/2022

The Limerick Museum





Curated by Maurice Quillinan and Dr Matthew Potter


Limerick Museum, Henry Street, Limerick from 21 April to 5 May 2022

‘The Works We Thought We Had’ is a group exhibition of twenty nine artist’s from seven countries. The title is a play on the concept that artists make and then present work on a particular subject they are currently exploring, then when these individual works are gathered into a wider conversation within the realms of a group exhibition, the original works take on a somewhat different wider significance as they join the conversation within the group dynamic, much like us joining a gathering of individuals in an unfamiliar environment. The exhibition is a work in progress in that as new work arrives the installation mutates visually, works are moved about to react to others, adding new possibilities to the dialogue, thus presenting unforeseen sub contexts within the emerging conversation. The concept is to mirror the layered dialogues we would encounter when we gather and move about within a group of people. This is particularly relevant as we slowly emerge from the Covid period, as we reacclimatise and become again comfortable with joining ever growing groups in our community. There are no ‘Wall labels’ with this exhibition. All the artists are acknowledged, but there are no indications of titles etc. Here we are asking the works to discuss among themselves and justify their existence, just as the developing works in an artists studio slowly emerge into life.

We are asking the viewer to look at each work as it exists with its companions and explore what the viewer brings to the conversation informed by their own history of experiences, without being encumbered by often extraneous titles . From my experience most, but not all titles are added after the fact. The artists primary job being to initiate a work and successfully bring it to a conclusion by solving mostly self imposed criteria. Here we have twenty nine very different ruminations on the world from many varied perspectives.

Contributing Artists are:
Abigail O Brien RHA, Robert Ryan, Trudi van der Elsen, Inci Jones, Sian Costelloe, Holger Baehr, Ciara Gormley, Moya Ni Cheallaigh, Stephen Lawlor, Kieran Kelly, Banu Ugural, Samuel Walsh, Gulistan, Tom Fitzgerald, Ralph Gelbert, Maria Kulikovska, Una Sealy RHA, Christine Roychowdhury, PJ O Connell, Pauline Flynn, Rod Jones, Mary O Connor, Guoqiao Kong, Marie Madden, Mary Kelly, Maurice Quillinan, Diane Henshaw, Eamon Colman, Deenagh Miller.


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