This Entropic Order | Gillian Lawler at Weber & Weber, Turin, Itlay


This Entropic Order | Gillian Lawler at Weber & Weber, Turin, Itlay Date/Time
Date(s) - 30/10/2018 - 08/12/2018

Galleria Weber & Weber





Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 30th October 2018, 6-8pm

The second of the three Irish artists, part of the exhibition project “Painting through its poetical emotions”, introduces her important series of new works where the idea of place, organisation, relocation and transformation through different states of being infuses every Lawler’s painting. The work incorporates the platform as an entity which is at times grounded, moving, suspended, tethered, hovering and at other times standing apart from the surrounding landscape. Recurring checker board motifs accentuate a definite but skewed anti-perspective, which herein add to a surreal, dreamlike sense of discomfort, where what appears to have been planned according to a perspectival logic is withheld and subverted.

Her previous eminent domain exhibitions, based on the abandoned mining town of Centralia in Pennsylvania, USA, referenced the reality of a desolate landscape and the forced relocation of its inhabitants to a nearby borough. Suspended, grounded and hovering structures invoke these ghostly inhabitants, confronting the viewer with a wasteland, suggesting a vast and fragile future or past. These hypothetical architectural structures act as sentinels, observing at a distance, travelling perhaps to another place, appearing conspicuous at times or camouflaged by elaborate patterning.

In This Entropic Order this type of physical suspension turns into a kind of spiritual, abstract and metaphysical suspension. In Lawler’s paintings everything is blocked, immobilized, as in the most perfect idea of ​​still-life. And it is precisely on this temporal category placed on the threshold of life and death, in that instant of eternal present, in a place idealized by the mind of the artist on which the figuration dwells. The artist challenges the limits of perspective with a multiplicity of planes and with the articulation of shadows through an executive minutiae that introduces us to the many components of an abstract space geometrically constructed in which time is infinite.

Curated by Valeria Ceregini


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