Transhumance : The Nomadic Artist : Part Of This Land | Group Exhibition at Phizzfest : Space, Dublin


Date(s) - 26/02/2020 - 04/03/2020

Phizzfest : Space





Mon, Tues, Wed 10 to 3 pm ; Thurs and Friday 3 – 7, Sat and Sun 2 to 6 pm

A New Language for the Irish Art Landscape

This exhibition brings together artists  Muhammad Achour, Antonio D’Souza, Qandeel Kafeel, Hina Khan, Tomasz Madjczak, Roxana Manouchehri, Joe Odiboh, Kuasha Raihan, Rajinder Singh, Amna Walayat and Insaf Yalçnkaya to show work together for the first time.

Transhumance is a term from human geography, it derives from the latin words trans ‘across’ and humus ‘ground’. It is a pattern of regular seasonal movement by human groups. It can be seen as a form of pastoralism or nomadism. The title serves as a way of bringing together the work of the artists without proscribing the themes behind their work or pigeonholing them. The artist in society is often seen as a misfit or a nomad and indeed many of the structures within the Art World require that even the successful international artist has to practically live out of a suitcase.

The artists in this exhibition are all coming to Ireland from other places, some as refugees and some still living as asylum seekers in the Direct Provision System. Not all of the artists are members of the newly formed Migrant Artist Community but were invited to exhibit. They come from a range of art and design backgrounds including Architecture, Product Design, Photography and Miniature Painting. They have multiple experiences in terms of the visibility of their artwork and track record of art qualifications, art residencies, exhibitions and commissions; some of the individuals exhibiting internationally, whilst others are starting their careers or are caught in the limbo of seeking International Protection.

“I see my artwork as an exploration of my multiple identities, where the gaskets sometimes represent the fragmented parts of me. When pieced together they depict portraits “Gasket Head” or abstract expressions. On other occasions, in my search for order and balance I generate geometric compositions”. Antonio D’Souza

“I have used art as a medium to articulate myself since I have faith that art has the power to prevail over the differences between religion, culture, language and race. It has the power to bring harmony  to culture and to craft peace in our only inhabitable planet”. Hina Khan

“English is my 5th language but Photography is a visual language that doesn’t need words”

Kuasha Raihan


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