Translating Linen | Robert Peters and Dr Anthony O’Kane at R Space Gallery


Translating Linen | Robert Peters and Dr Anthony O'Kane at R Space Gallery Date/Time
Date(s) - 25/09/2021 - 22/10/2021

R Space Gallery





Translating Linen

Robert Peters and Dr Anthony O’Kane

Exhibition opening reception 2-4pm, Sat 25th Sept 2021

Gallery opening hours: 11am-5pm, Tue- Sat

The genetic code determining the shape, structure and function of every organism is written in the codex of DNA. Patterns of 4 bases clustered to form chains of 21 amino acids that form the proteins that govern everything in a process known as translation. This process has an architecture that lends itself to further translation into the mathematical principles that underly music and overlaying a musical interpretation onto the fundamental genetic basis that determine the morphology of flax, Linum usitatissimum. The resulting short film featured the finished digital music piece overlaid with the sights and sounds of Northern Ireland’s Linen Mills.

Visual Artist Robert Peters was invited to respond to Dr. O’Kane’s translation of Linen DNA pictorially. He created an image that attempts to encompass the historical use of flax and linen from neolithic times to its demise in post-industrial Ireland. This image has been printed onto linen to form a large scale wall hanging.

Translating Linen featured in the NI Science Festival 2021. This project was kindly funded by Arts Council of Northern Ireland Commissioning Fund and Arts & Business, and supported by partners Fusion Antibodies PLC, NI Science Festival and Northern Ireland Screen.

This exhibition will showcase the various aspects of the existing work and also premiere new collaborative work by Dr. O’Kane and Robert Peters. The participation programme will develop links with primary and secondary schools in Lisburn. Translating Linen receieved a HIghly Commended Award in the Arts & Business Awards 2021.

About The Artists

Robert Peters has over 30 years experience of working in the visual arts sector as an exhibiting artist, curator, arts facility manager and educator. He uses traditional and innovative techniques to support creativity, wellbeing, education and community development.

Dr. Anthony O’Kane is Head of Discovery and Scientific Affairs at Fusion Antibodies plc. He delivers innovative and application focused solutions to generate and isolate fit-for-purpose therapeutic antibodies. Dr. O’Kane is an expert in developing new platforms and technologies and also an accomplished musician and composer.


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