Gallery Talk with Margarita Cappock and Natalia Black at Green On Red Gallery, Dublin

Thursday 4 July, 1.15pm to 2pm.

The Green On Red Gallery is excited to present Musica Universalis, Natalia Black’s first exhibition in the gallery and the first exhibition in Dublin for some years of new paintings, prints and glass sculpture. Natalia will be in conversation with Margarita Cappock, Dublin City Arts Office, writer and author of the recent essay on the artist in The Irish Arts Review, Summer, 2019. The conversation will take place on the last day of the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of miniature and larger scale abstractions on board, on canvas, on steel and mounted on the glass windows of the gallery. The marks made on each are gestural using swathes or layers of thick paint with single streaks of contrasting colour or a more complex build up in a profusion of colour. ” Acrylic paint is both the medium and the motive in my work “, Black says.

From the first discussion in the gallery the artist seized on the walls of daylight that flood the gallery from all sides. The resulting grid of daylit, digital extensions of the paintings called Musica Universalis, ties in with themes of waves, craggy coastal outlines and even sound waves suspected in the stratosphere since Kepler. In the space of the gallery we marvel at the profusion and collision of colour in these dense, energy-charged paintings. These ” intensely chromatic ” as described by Aidan Dunne of the Irish Times, excite visually and musically. The smaller the denser. In the case of My Theory of Everything ( 2019 ) acrylic on board, 35 x 65cms, the paint sets off on a dive into space, held in suspension by the will of the artist, the elasticity of the acrylic medium and against the natural laws of gravity.

Green On Red Gallery
Park Lane, Spencer Dock
Dublin 1
T. +353 87 2454282

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