google maps enabled for galleries, studios and organisations

Making it easy for people to find your organisation is critical in terms of developing your audience.  For this reason, and in preparation for the launch a new service at the end of this year, it is now possible to enter the Google co-ordinates for your organisation on our listing service.

This service is for Visual Artists Ireland member organisations. To add your site simple enter your details here After entering your details, our staff will check that you are a member.  If not, they will make contact with you to guide you through the membership options.

For people sending listings, if you send your Google co-ordinates, we will endeavour to include them with the listing of your exhibitions.

To find your Google co-ordinates:

  1. Open the Google Maps website
  2. Enter the address details in the search box
  3. Zoom In the Google Maps and locate the place for which you need the latitude and longitude.
  4. Right click that exact location on Google Maps and select “Center Map Here”
  5. Click the “Link to this Page” hyperlink
  6. Copy paste the URL into the field on the form.

For example:

The Google maps link for the Glucksman Gallery in Cork is:,-8.489556&spn=0.003476,0.010568&sll=54.576863,-5.943668&sspn=0.006529,0.021136&radius=15000&z=17

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