Barbara Kenneally

Short Bio

In my practice I use kiln-formed glass along with photography, occasionally one feeds the other in a cyclical way. When working with glass as a visual language the qualities of translucency and transparency create a unique aesthetic. The changing play of light alters the narrative. In my current practice I take the organic form of a rock from the abandoned copper mines at Allihies in West Cork as my starting point. Human hands have worked on this so there is a sense of history, a story. My colour palette comes from my photography of the area. Often I choose to work with negative spaces. The void forms tell the stories here as we are reminded of the toils of the miners as well as the geological formations. Working with the inner and outer form is a very significant aspect to my work, coming from a background of medical science.. The process of kiln-forming is quite lengthy and there is always an element of unpredictability, but this suspense of anticipation of the resulting outcome is a major part of the of the attraction. I am constantly learning. No two firings are alike. Each piece is unique. The viewer is free to make their own interpretation.

Vision. Credit: Roland Paschhoff
Barr. Credit: Roland Paschhoff
Cu Blowing. Credit: The Artist

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