Duc Van Pham

Short Biog

Vietnamese Fine Art painter and Lacquer ware artist Duc Van Pham has been studying and working in the field of fine art for over a decade. He holds a BA in Fine Art from the Fine Art University of Ho Chi Minh city. Pham Van Duc has exhibited extensively Including an exhibition in the Fine Art Museum of Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. In 2012 and 2013 Duc held exhibitions in Dublin and in London. His works have sold internationally. Duc worked as a full time lecturer of Fine Art at the Architectural University of Ho Chi Minh until he moved to Ireland in 2010. Duc Van Pham currently resides in Ireland where he is a full time painter My work is about the exploration of the human spirit and diversity in society. Through my political activity in Dublin I met people with diverse backgrounds and became fascinated by exploring this. In my paintings I have worked with people who are homeless, immigrants, people with cancer and one of the biggest themes was abortion. It would be collaborations and interactions between me and the sitters to create the paintings about themselves and their roles and concerns in society. I have been working on my project for 5 years which delved into diverse social issues and human spirit, and that I suppose very important in the art works as a theme for a long run. Working on my project I have had to challenge myself and my style of painting. In capturing the emotion of the person I found expressionism the best way for me to delve deeper into this. I also work in abstract and find that a great way to invent and allow room for interpretation. The combination of abstract and expressionism has worked well in my paintings and allowed me to expand my creativity hence my artworks would be more exciting, refreshing and attractive.

The Fifth Sense, Courtesy of the Artist
Father in Law after Cancer, Courtesy of the Artist
Portrait of a Pregnant Woman, Courtesy of the Artist
At the end of the day, Courtesy of the Artist
Neutral Identity, Courtesy of the Artist
An Immigrant of Nature, Courtesy of the Artist

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