Elke Westen

Short Bio

“I catch the light and play with it.” As a qualified Designer and Master of Arts, I am combining my professional knowledge of digital media and hands-on art/craft to transform colour and light into semi-transparent pieces of art. My main focus is on Public Artwork, integrated into the fabric of buildings and bespoke commissions in glass, concentrating on cutting-edge techniques and ecological sustainability. I use manipulations of colours and reflections to bring spaces to life. Glass as substrate for the images is mostly transparent, thus making the “canvas” visible from all angles. Background, foreground and the environment become part of the creative whole and together with light an integral part of the artistic totality. These elements are subject to continuous change thereby creating a variety of visual impacts on the viewer. It is particularly important that my glassworks are viewed over time from different angles and under varying conditions, both environmental and personal. In each circumstance – night, day, mood, emotions – different meanings can be both expressed and perceived. Light and shadow, too, play a strong role in achieving the overall effect.

Elke Westen: State Lab Ireland. Credit: Elke Westen
Elke Westen: detail painting on glass. Credit Elke Westen
on site, private entrance to house in hettenleidelheim, flashed glass, painting with glass enamels, integrated beveled glass, spraypainting, all integrated in double glazed units, elke westen
Elke Westen Ulster Hospital Belfast. Credit: Elke Westen
Elke Westen detail Ulster Hospital. Belfast. Credit-Elke Westen
Elke Westen detail-Kevin Street Garda Station Credit Elke-westen

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