Kathryn Nelson

Short Bio

I have been exhibiting work since 1996 in Ireland and internationally. I have exhibited in, group, selected and invited exhibitions. I primarily bring conceptual and material elements together to make site-specific installations.

I have an on-going interest with ecology, landscape connectivity, anthropogenic influence on the environment, and conservation psychology. Due to this I have completed an MSc in Ecological Management and Conservation Biology and my current PhD research is looking at the intersection of culture, visual art and ecology. This has informed my visual art practice. Particularly how anthropogenic activities are negatively affecting the natural environment. Ghost Net (2016) a collaborative work with Sandra Turley and Julie McGowen explored the loss of fishing gear from trawlers. Uniform of Debris (2018) also a collaborative project, but this time with Roy Nelson, investigated acidification of the oceans and plastic pollution, especially the damage to coral reef. Sacred Grove (2019) explored the detrimental affects of tree loss on the natural environment. This was another collaborative project with Roy Nelson as was Chorale Lament (2020) an installation that investigates ideas of ecological fluctuations and explores over exploitation and trophic cascade in the world oceans. My last project was with Kate Ritchie, Gwen Stevenson and Roy Nelson the book Wildlife Memories published in 2021 by Think Ecos. The book narrates shifting baseline syndrome through the memories of both writers and artists.

Chorale Lament (2020) installation, courtesy of the artist
Chorale Lament (2020) installation, courtesy of the artist

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