IVARO Distributes €25,000 in RETURN Royalties

ivaro-smallThe Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO) has begun to distribute payments of €25,000 to artists and estates. RETURN is an annual service provided by IVARO which distributes royalties to visual creators whose works have been reproduced in books & magazines published in Ireland.  This year will see more artists benefit from RETURN than ever before. All claimants receive a minimum payment with the average payment being €90.00 for 2015.

RETURN is available to all visual creators.  Payments will be made to qualifying artists, photographers and illustrators including heirs and beneficiaries of artists whose works are in copyright.  RETURN 2016 will launch again in August this year.

A comment from an artist claimant: “ Thanks so much!..the ‘return’ money arrived yesterday. A lovely bonus at this time of year “

Further information on RETURN: www.ivaro.ie/return

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