Job Vacancy | Satirical News Presenter for Gander

Gander is an upcoming clip show series which satirises domestic and global current affairs using fact based commentary, infographics, and sketches. They’re hiring freelance presenters, correspondents, actors, comedians, and scriptwriters.

Gander takes a look at an unhinged world of corrupt politicians, greedy corporate overlords, and alienating technologies. The series aims to highlight dysfunctional thinking in government, corporations, and culture which negatively affect the wellbeing of individuals and communities in society. Much of news media reportage is either born from recycled press releases or is based in opinion, which has resulted in public trust in the media being at an all time low. Watching the news can often feel like stumbling into a complicated soap opera of political elites and yet, large scale social issues like climate change and wealth inequality affect everyone whether they realise it or not. Gander want to entertain millennials and engage them in issues that matter. They think that the best strategy to inform a politically disengaged public is to explore issues with in-depth research and humor driven commentary.

Gander is loosely based on the late night talk show format with the addition of sketches, field interviews, and data visualisations, and is comparable to the likes of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, The Daily Show, Contrapoints, Kurzgesagt, and the School of Life.

– On screen talent: Send a short video (less than 2 mins) of yourself telling Gander what you think is wrong with society. Also send a CV and a breif note explaining why you’d be whopper on telly.

– Writers: Send your work along with a cv and a cover letter.

Email applications to

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