MAKE 2017 Symposium: Art and Biology, Stack Theatre, Cork

4 March 2017, 9.30am to 5pm
Stack Theatre, CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay, Cork.

MAKE 2017 Symposium: Art & Biology. MAKE 2017 is designed to highlight critical issues concerning making and contemporary maker culture. MAKE 2017 will focus on making in the overlap between art and the natural sciences.

Lineup of Presentations:
Anna dumitriu: UK Bio-artist and academic whose work fuses craft, technology and bioscience to explore our relationship to the microbial world, biomedicine and technology;
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Art & Craft of Bacterial BioArt
British bioartist Anna Dumitriu explores her obsession with bacteria by fusing craft with the tools and techniques of bioscience to create sculptures which incorporate human faecal transplants, dresses patterned with MRSA bacteria, altered historical objects impregnated with TB DNA and jewellery made using synthetic biology. She will discuss her methods, describe key artworks, and give an insight into her current projects.

Lia cook: Professor of Textiles and Visual Arts, Emeritus,
California College of the Arts. Pioneering and internationally acclaimed textile artist working in digital weave informed by neuroscience research.
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Cerebral Touch and Neural Networks
Exploring the territory between scientific investigation and artistic interpretation, Lia Cook will give a brief overview of the central themes of her work leading to her interest in neuroscience research. Working in collaboration with neuroscientists, she explores the nature of the emotional response to the sensuality of the woven image and underscores the relationship between neurological brain structures and woven structures. Visualization of collected data is sometimes folded back into the woven faces.

Siobhan McGibbon: Irish artist working in trans-disciplinary work with medical institutions;
Dr. Maria McNamara: UCC scientist and colourist of fossil traces with a wide practice of outreach and education.
Alex May: UK video-mapping artist; also interactive installations, generative works, full-size humanoid robots, performance, and video art.
Susie MacMurray: UK sculptor of complex and vast objects and installations using thousands of units of found and organic materials.

A panel discussion will follow all 6 presentations that will offer a chance for all speakers to take further questions, and question each other.
Tickets available on:

Twitter: @MAKE_Symp
Facebook: @MAKEsymposium

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