Additional Memberships

The Visual Artists Ireland membership form can be used to apply for memberships of other organisations and VAI initiatives as follows:

IVARO is the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation. IVARO is a rights management organisation that collects and distributes royalties due to its members for the use of their work. It also provides free information and advice on copyright issues. You can join IVARO by visiting the membership page of their website here. Membership of IVARO is free. By joining IVARO you mandate the organisation to represent you in relation to your copyright.

IAA is the International Association of Art. It is a UNESCO initiated global network of visual artists representative organisations. Visual Artists Ireland is the Irish representative within the IAA. The IAA issues an artists card through its national committees, which can be used to gain reduced or free entrance into some of the major museums and galleries around the world. The card is only available to professional members, its costs €5 and is valid from date of issue until the end of the current year.  You can get an IAA card by ticking the appropriate box on the application form.