Objektiv of Death and Temporality: Photography and the Gothic Sublime | Lecture at The Chocolate Factory, Dublin

Thursday 1 November, 1pm to 2pm.

Lunchtime lecture by Ann Marie Curran/The Dead Authors as part of Soul Noir:Festival of the Dark Arts.

Establishing the theoretical links between photography and the concept of death, Ann Marie Curran will forward the theory that a Gothic Sublime is at the heart of the photographic process and the photograph; that associations of the Unheimlich are part of the process of technological reproduction and suggest deep processing of the image-maker; and that photography, like philosophy, can be thought of as a kind of therapy to negotiate language and therefore life.

No booking required, all welcome.

The Chocolate Factory
No.26, Kings Inns Street
Dublin 1
E: soulnoirfestival@gmail.com
W: soulnoirfestival.com/

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