Open Call | 95% OF THE UNIVERSE IS MISSING, Science Gallery London

Application deadline: 13 May, 11:30pm

In 2019 Science Gallery London will delve into one of the biggest and most profound mysteries in contemporary physics – dark matter. Scientists have been hunting this elusive matter for nearly a century, but it has never been directly observed. But theories like gravitational lensing persuade us that it exists, and could function as a kind of cosmic scaffold, holding the luminous galaxies that we see in place.

We know that normal matter accounts for only 5% of the stuff that exists in the universe. In contrast, Dark Matter makes up over a quarter of the cosmos, and is invisible: unlike normal matter it doesn’t reflect or absorb light. And it is everywhere – scientists think that billions of Dark Matter particles are passing through your body every second.

95% of the universe is missing is a scientific and philosophical investigation into the fundamental nature of reality, with the theory of dark matter a starting point for conceptual investigations and experimental forms of inquiry

The season will feature a curated exhibition in Science Gallery London’s 500 sq.m. gallery space, alongside a dynamic event programme taking place in the gallery theatre, outdoor courtyard and studio spaces

We’re interested in for both existing and new artworks for the exhibition, and proposals for workshops, music and performance nights, film screenings and discussions that critically and experimentally engage with some of the following themes and narrative strands laid out in the brief here:

Budget and fees:
Science Gallery London welcomes submissions for existing artworks, films, performances etc. as well as projects which are still at a research and development stage. Selected candidates will be granted an appropriate fee and production costs for the realisation of their project. Science Gallery London will cover all normal costs associated with exhibition making. Whenever possible, we would like for candidates to be present at the launch of the season in May 2019.

For further information about the Science Gallery London building and gallery space please see here

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