Open Call | Audio Tracks, Sound Art Opportunity at Catalyst Arts, Belfast

Application deadline: 2 September.

Catalyst presents a call out that focuses on the world of sound art. Whether your work is Drone, Noise, Ambient, Electroacoustic, Field Recording, Synthesis Exploration, or All/None-of-the-above. This is an opportunity to have your sounds presented and heard in new contexts and by new audiences.

This is the 2nd edition of ‘Catalyst Audio Tracks’ and will have each work presented as part of a closing event from the currently running Resonance | Sound Art Exhibition which features work from Sunn O))), Holly Herndon, Objekt and Phurpa. The exhibition explores the ways sound influences that which surrounds it as well as its ability to evoke mental and emotional reaction. The exhibition also uses a bespoke sound system that will be used to present your work. Those familiar to the Catalyst Arts Gallery will know of its rich reverb and can take advantage of this in their submissions.

Each successfully submitted work:
1) Will be programmed in an event (Sept 7th 7pm) that will take place in Catalyst Arts as part of the Resonance | Sound Art Exhibition.
2) Will be archived digitally on free streaming services such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud as part of the ‘Catalyst Audio Tracks’ series.

Terms and Conditions:
– The work must be no longer than 4 minutes
– The work must be sent in a stereo file
– The submitter consents to a public performance free of charge of their work in the concert and archiving of their audio on non-profit audio streaming services (e.g. Bandcamp, Soundcloud). The composer retains the copyright of his/her work and can request removal of such work

This is a standard members opportunity, you can become a Catalyst member and read about other benefits on our Patreon:

Please Submit work to:

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