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FRIDAY ISLAND is looking for artists (from Luxembourg and abroad) working in any medium (performing arts, fine arts, video/film, literature, etc.) for its next event, taking place on March 3rd, 2017, at “Lycée Michel Lucius”, in Luxembourg. Lycée Michel Lucius (, is a secondary school (high school) whose focus lies on technical subjects. It hosts an international recognized english section. Awarded school without racism since 1997, LML furthers the right to work and live in a climate of respect, solidarity, wellbeing and of cooperation.
Pictures and measurements of the different spaces can be delivered upon request.

Event Opening: March 3rd, 2017, 6:00 pm at Lycée Michel Lucius (157, avenue Pasteur L-2311, Luxembourg, Luxembourg).

The theme of the event is FAILING. The theme should be approached in a critical way in relation to social/political/philosophical perspectives. The artistic contributions can take any form of expression as long as they question the theme and suggest a non-conform point of view. The artistic propositions have to relate to the theme in an incontestable way.

“Failing” means to be unsuccessful, it’s a defeat and in a normative sense this has a negative connotation. Failing is rarely considered for its positive connotations, the positive effect that a failure can have on future behaviour, or attempts..
From a young age children are taught that making mistakes is bad. Adults instil in them a fear of doing something wrong even though mistakes have a positive educational role to play in their development. “Learning by doing”, “trial-and-error” are approaches which encourage children to cultivate their curiosity to experiment.
In adult life, success tends to be measured through performance, hitting specific targets and society is result-orientated which doesn’t allow for opportunities to make mistakes and more crucially to learn from them, This impacts our self-esteem which is built on the idea of the perfect result, and the trials and errors it takes to achieve this are often masked. We judge others purely based on their results, not on the work invested in attaining them. Failing means losing, and no one wants to be considered a failure. It feels like a disgrace on an individual level as well as on a collective one. Failing can lead to exclusion which itself generates a fear of investing in risky activities.
The societal pressure to exclusively deliver good results has consequences for the creative process. It is this which has provoked Friday Island further looking into the matter of failing and failure:
How does the fear of failure affect the creative process if at all?
What could be the benefits of that fear?
Can an artwork be regarded as a “failure”?
What does a “failed artwork” look like?

FRIDAY ISLAND is a series of events taking place in Luxembourg, which promotes an exchange between artists as well as a public dialogue on a given topic. Open to all artistic disciplines and media, Friday Island offers a platform for experimentation beyond the creative processes usually bound to market oriented rationale. Friday Island offers the possibility to approach socially relevant themes in a critical way by the means of artistic thinking and creation.

Each event takes place every two/three months at a different venue. Artists are invited to work on the proposed theme and with the space of the venue. Each event takes place on a Friday evening: the selected artistic projects will be showcased during that timeframe.
Arranged in a convivial way, the setting of the venue should stimulate an informal exchange between both the participants (artists) and the audience. Along with the artistic contributions, FRIDAY ISLAND wishes to engage in an open discussion about the proposed topic and in relation to the artists’ work present during the event. The talk will be led by a moderator.

The artists will receive a remuneration of 600,- euro per artistic contribution, travel refund to Luxembourg City up to 150,-euro are also available upon request. Accommodations for three nights will be provided by the organisation.

Artists can send following information to

  • CV (1 page max.)
  • Portfolio, former and current projects (PDF or website, with pictures and videos). If you send a PDF, please include no more than 10 pictures.
  • A short concept/script describing the project related to the theme FAILING and to the venue “Lycée Michel Lucius” (1 page max.)
  • Please consider arriving one day before the event (March 2nd 2017) for installation and/or try out.

For more information see:

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