Open Call | Interdisciplinary Proposals for 948 Merkatua, Navarra, Spain

Application deadline: Deadline: 28 June.

948 Merkatua, Arts Market of Navarra and Professional Forum is a programme of the Government of Navarra, promoted from the Cultural Action area of the Department of Culture. It comprises two programmes, 948 ART and 948 PRO, both directed at a heterogeneous profile and for different responsibilities in the area of culture and art.

For the 2019 edition, 948 Merkatua enhances its position as a meeting space for artists and cultural professionals, with the focus on interdisciplinarity. Although it has always been noted for the presence of diverse artistic disciplines, for this edition it is focussing on creation with a clearly interdisciplinary content.

For this reason, this call for proposals seeks to identify and attract those interdisciplinary artistic proposals that are of interest to the exhibition, with regard to the 2019 edition of 948 Merkatua.

These proposals must meet the following requirements:

  • Regardless of the predominant language, the artistic proposal must justifiably be interdisciplinary. That is, the use of different artistic disciplines/languages must lie in the formal definition and/or the content of the proposal.
  • The proposals must be from professional creators or artists with the capacity to be contracted.
  • Candidates must be available on the 20th and 21st November 2019.
  • Refer to work already performed and at the dissemination/marketing stage.
  • Accept all the participation requirements, processes and conditions specified in this call for proposals.
  • Proposals can originate from Navarra, the rest of Spain or abroad, and their origin must be specified in the entry.
  • Proposals originating from Navarra will be given a predominant space in the programme.

All the proposals selected and programmed will be classified into programme slots, which will be allocated certain amounts of money in concept of support for the production/exhibition. 948 Merkatua is a tool to support the dissemination and marketing of artists and works.

These amounts per slot will be set by the Artistic Committee and Department of Culture of the Government of Navarra, based on the final configuration of the programme, and will be communicated to all the proposals selected to participate in the programme, before confirming their participation.

The organisation of 948 Merkatua will also be responsible for the travelling and accommodation expenses of the artistic and technical personnel of the artistic proposals and up to two persons per proposal shall be given access to 948 Merkatua PRO.

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