Open Call | The Big Picture, collective art project online

Artists from all over the world are asked to upload their drawings and sketches to participate in making a large mosaic-panoramic picture from all the drawings. This picture will be fully searchable and zoomable, like a Google map. Connect with artists from all other the world through a work of art.

The Big Picture asks you to answer one of the following question in drawing:

  • A scene of your childhood, your life or of your country of origin
  • Share a scene of your everyday life
  • Did you migrate from another country? region? What was the story behind that choice. What made you move? or stay?
  • Share a memory

Every drawing is going to be accompanied by a text (between 100 and 200 words) that will allow you to tell the story of the drawing in words as well. You can write in English, French or any other language.

Deadline: The project will stop once the picture has been filled with drawings, that should take at least one year.

You can read more about the project and participate here:
There is a short video at the top of the home page that explain it in a few minutes

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