Open Call | The Other, Friday Island Exhibition, Luxembourg

friday-island-fb-midnightblue-2Application deadline: 22 October 2016

Decision: 29 October
Event Opening: 9 December, 7:00 pm at Hariko (1, Dernier Sol, L-2543 Luxembourg, Luxembourg).

FRIDAY ISLAND is looking for artists (from Luxembourg and abroad) working in any medium (performing arts, fine arts, video/film, literature, etc.) for its December event.

FRIDAY ISLAND is a series of events taking place in Luxembourg, which promotes an exchange between artists as well as a public dialogue on a given topic. Open to all artistic disciplines and media, Friday Island offers a platform for experimentation beyond the creative processes usually bound to market oriented rationale. Friday Island offers the possibility to approach socially relevant themes in a critical way by the means of artistic thinking and creation.

Each event takes place every two months at a different venue. Artists are invited to work on the proposed theme and with the space of the venue. Each event takes place on a Friday evening: the selected artistic projects will be showcased during that timeframe.
Arranged in a convivial way, the setting of the venue should stimulate an informal exchange between both the participants (artists) and the audience. Along with the artistic contributions, FRIDAY ISLAND wishes to engage in an open discussion about the proposed topic and in relation to the artists’ work present during the event. The talk will be led by a moderator.

FRIDAY ISLAND explores the feelings triggered by the confrontation with the Other. A sense of otherness usually arises when a difference (to something/somebody) is felt. Suddenly there is a gap. This usually occurs when we are confronted with a situation, a thing or a being that we can’t place in our normal daily experience. We are challenged by something hitherto unknown and unfamiliar.

Situated outside of our referential context, this unfamiliarity triggers a broad range of emotions. When dealing with this topic (of otherness) more intensely, it soon becomes clear that the underlying concept of the Other plays an important part in defining one’s own identity. Depending on the perspective, we confirm our own identity as individuals and as members of a group, ethnicity or class or as part of a culture or religious creed by distinguishing us from something/someone else, i.e. the Other. But why, when and where do those feelings come up and how do we actually deal with them? What are the typical features of our response? What exactly causes this feeling of alienation?

Art is about creating something new. The conceptual procedures involved may seem strange and incomprehensible to the recipients, but experimenting with the hitherto unknown can lead us to new insights and abilities. Which tools does artistic practice place at our disposal to explore the unknown? Can art help us to get to grips with this feeling of alienation?

FRIDAY ISLAND is looking for artists (from Luxembourg and abroad) working in any medium (performing arts, fine arts, video/film, literature, etc.) for its next event, taking place on December 9th, 2016, at “Hariko”, in Luxembourg.
Hariko (, is a creative place where artists of different disciplines create their work and offer their knowledge to young people. The place is a disused building which has been refitted. The building has five levels. Each level contains rooms of different size.
Pictures and measurements of the different spaces can be delivered upon request.
The theme of the event is THE OTHER (please relate to the paragraph THE OTHER written above). The theme should be approached in a critical way in relation to social/political/philosophical perspectives. The artistic contributions can take any form of expression as long as they question the theme and suggest a non-conform point of view. The artistic propositions have to relate to the theme in an incontestable way.

The artists will receive a remuneration of 600,- euro per artistic contribution, travel refund to Luxembourg City up to 150,-euro are also available upon request. Accommodations for three nights will be provided by the organisation.

Artists can send following information to
– CV (1 page)
– Portfolio, former and current projects (PDF or website, with pictures and videos)
– A short concept/script describing the project related to the theme THE OTHER and to the venue “HARIKO”.

Please consider arriving one day before the event (December 8th 2016) for installation and/or try out.

For more questions and information regarding the event, please send an e-mail to

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