Open Call to Street Artists | Beyond Witten at KURA2017 Germany

Deadline: 13 February

The call to artists is aimed at a new generation which dedicates themselves to creative expression in public spaces. The organisers have long walls, which will serve as a great background basis for new works to be produced. The murals will be integrated in KURA’s open air gallery. “Beyond Witten” is the theme for KURA2017.

About the theme:
“Witten”, an old German word for “white”, could denounce former white-coated walls sitting by the shores of the Middle Elbe banks, Wittenberg. The picturesque conjecture KURA2017 will acquire next year is the analogy to a fresh start, an empty canvas, the sum of the full visible spectrum waiting to be manipulated into particular content. The association of Wittenberg with pristine new beginnings with a meaningful lighthouse (content), impressing from the distant memorial walls, has long since been wished for. Ten years have passed since the “Lutherdekade” (10 years preceding the 500th anniversary) started and the light is supposed to turn on at Wittenberg becoming a world-city Hotspot next year.

Each participant artist shouldn’t be older than 28 years and not less than 18. You should currently reside in a European Union country. In the heart of the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the participant artists will be staying at a hostel. The active production process will take place mainly in close vicinity to their residence.The creation process will stick to the initial ideas, developed as the research process takes place. It is bound to the schedule and available funds.

Available resources:
The association Wbmotion e. V. will bear the total of financial expenses for: travel and transport, food, residence in the hostel, cultural activities as well as the materials for the artistic production. Each participant group needs will be attended through email and telephone.

For more information and application details see:

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