Photophone or the Modulated Light | Workshop with Gaspard Bébié-Valérian at Rua Red Gallery

19 September, 11am to 4pm.

The photophone is a communication device invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880. It uses the light to transmit sound and could be generally defined as a phone using light instead of copper wires. This invention, or protocol, is now obsolete in regards of all the technologies surrounding us particularly internet, the cellular phones and all the embedded electronics. However, reproducing and reappropriating the photophone would be a great opportunity to build and rethink small and very located networks. This could be done easily, from scratch and with minimal resources. More important, as the datas broadcasted thanks to the light aren’t conducted through any digital nor computised networks, the informations remain free, available, uncentralized and couldn’t be controled thanks to the point-to-point principle (one emitter – one receiver).

The purpose of this workshop, from the photophone’s object, would consist to think, produce and build several units. It could be a starting point to think which strategies could be efficient enough in the public space or everywhere to counter-act the mighty communicative medias. Finally, the question of the code and the codification of the language could be included in the process. Indeed, if we success to produce an efficient tool, we could think and elaborate specific codes or translations which would confuse anyone being away from the communication protocol. Thus, the workshop would offer a mutual and beautiful dynamic to rethink the politics of data and how to reappropriate them.

Book here:…/glitch-festival-2018

Rua Red Gallery
Belgard Square
D24 KV8N

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