RETURN 2018 | Claim RETURN for Work Published in a Book or Magazine

Apply before: 28 November.

If your work has been published in a book or magazine with your permission, then you may be eligible to claim a share of RETURN. Managed by IVARO, the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation is Ireland’s not-for-profit copyright licensing and collecting society for artists and visual creators.

What is RETURN?
RETURN is a service for distributing reprographic royalties to visual creators. Reprographic royalties are collected from Universities, schools and businesses that use photocopying machines. A share of these royalties can be claimed by any artist or visual creator whose work is contained in publications which have an ISBN or ISSN number (and are therefore available to be photocopied). IVARO negotiates a share of this money on behalf of visual creators in Ireland.

Who can claim a share of RETURN?
Any visual creator whose work has been reproduced in a book, magazine or journal published in Ireland. If you are an illustrator, sculptor, cartoonist, photographer, animation artist, fine artist, architect, designer, craftsperson, or any other type of visual creator you can make a claim.

The beneficiaries of artists’ estates can also claim, while their works are still in copyright.

All you need to do is fill in a claim form before 23 November telling IVARO how your works have been used in books and magazines.

Claim Form and more information:…

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