Storage Survey Results

A few weeks ago we asked some questions about the need for storage space. The following results are now available for circulation.

123 People answered the survey. 121 artists, 1 curator, and 1 collector.

14% already had off-site storage.

50% had studios outside of their homes

40% had studios inside of their homes

64% indicated a need for storage; with a further 24% showing a need for a temporary solution.

In terms of fees, 85% were prepared for a €50.00 per month outlay for shared storage with 51% indicating the same price for a standalone unit, 48% indicated up to €100.00 per month for a standalone.

40% of the respondents were from Dublin, 10% from Cork, 6.5% from Antrim, and 4% from limerick

60% indicated that they would travel to Dublin if required; 64% indicated that they would travel outside of Dublin.

Specific comments included:

  • affordability is the most important factor for the averag. Income level artist.
  • At the moment money is very scarce so i would not be able to avail of the facility. However I would hope that by the end of this year this will have changed.
  • My works area large scale and I need a lot of storage space. I can’t afford to pay more than 50€ cpm for storage on top of studio fees. It would not be cost effective for me to travel long distances for storage as transport of these works is expensive and I would have to hire a van or truck for this purpose.
  • As A sculptor– ground floor- access for HEAVY and large things is a consideration..
  • As it stands now, I have no need for an additional storage space, but I answered the questions hypothetically anyway, as I thought it may prove helpful for the survey.
  • using part of my studio as storage space which makes the studio smaller than it already is, this has been frustrating me for years and often stops me from working big (bigger) – couldn’t afford to pay much for storage space though
  • I would travel to Shannon or Limerick to avail of this service. My artwork is quite large and difficult to lug around, but also takes up alot of my studio space and has a negative effect on my creative production, having it stacked in my studio. As an author, i also have a stock of books in boxes, which is also occupying my studio space and unwelcome there.
  • well, I amswered this survey because you pleaded with me but to tell the truth, storage is not a huge concern for me – even though I am a painter
  • Storage would have to be local to make it viable
  • I really would only consider safe storage if I could get it for less than €30 per month. That is all I could afford on top of my studio space which is €170 p/m in Dublin city Centre. I appreciate the hard work from the VAI team and thank you for looking into this.
  • (a) I found it difficult to answer question regarding rent – as this would depend on facilities, size of space, conditions, accessiblity costs, also there is huge diverse studio rents across country. (b) Dublin due to populationa may seem good point of reference, but this neglects that midlands is central to whole country, for the delicate transportation of artwork, also rent cheaper, and good for storage facilities expansion – midlands central to Galway, Dublin, Cork and Donegal as intersectionpoint. (c) Possibly a transport system for artists without transportation could be arranged for fee. Example different collection points at main cities, rotated monthly.
  • it would have to be secure and with fire alarms
  • I would travel outside Dublin, though it would depend on the distance
  • It would be excellent if storage facilities existed specifically for artists and their artworks. I now consider the ‘lack’ of storage as one of the determinants when deciding the size of new works.
  • Would prefer storage local to city, say up to 30 minutes’drive away
  • An insured secure space that wouldn’t let mold creep into the canvas, possibly separated into smaller storage units – many artists will be able to use it and thus keep costs down. There should be a space to show artwork to interested buyers. Perhaps, artists could book time slots for buyer visits. Paying same price for storage as for workspace is unacceptable.
  • I’m not willing to spend any money on storage. Like many other artists I give pics away for birthdays, weddings etc. to create space for new work.
  • storing in the home isn’t really the best option but the thought of paying the related cost of storing and transporting doesn’t appeal. Thanks for doing the survey.
  • Don’t really need storage at the minute, and certainly can’t pay for it so have to find some other way!
  • Very happy you are doing this survey at this time. I’m paying €110 p mth for 10ft x 15ft for last three years and fear this rental will go up in next few months.
  • As essential as storage is for my art work, I must admit that it is an additional cost that would be extremely difficult to incur without financial support. Great idea otherwise.
  • Storage must be located within 5 miles from my studio
  • Great idea, hope it will be affordable
  • A unit could literally be a secure container or cabinet within a larger space. Once the work was secure and separately stored from the work of others. I might only need storage for a few weeks before or after an exhibition.
  • I use space in my studio to store works but I hope this has helped in relation to if I needed space
  • I think that a suitable space could also generate revenue by providing appropriate storage for private/corporate/state collections
  • its a killer ! but not sure if you can find a single solution, but would be a great help
  • Even euro 50 per month is more than I can afford at present.
  • much needed. well seen
  • Damp has always been an issue for me with storage facilities, to find somewhere that doesn’t get damp would be a good
  • This is a good idea ,Good Luck with it .
  • good idea
  • I really don’t need storage at present. Thank you.
  • This is a good idea as many studios have damp and cold issues. Artwork should be stored in a safe place.
  • Preparing for projects and exhibitions means that I sometimes need short term storage for artworks. Thankfully the venues that I have worked with can normally provide limited storage. Maybe the existing network of artist studios could be supported to provide shared storage facilities.
  • Would prefer a location in the West…
  • Safe location would be key. Professional service. Clean building. Appointments possible outside office hours would be useful.
  • dry storage required to store plaster moulds.
  • variable pricing, for add on would be best. say the basic storage is group no temp control, just security and flood/fire insurance, and the rest could be upgrades,
  • I would consider travelling within an hour of where I live to use storage but anything further away would not be feasible for me and would cost too much in petrol for regular access on top of rental payments.
  • Whilst I don’t need storage at the moment I have answered what I would consider important issues if I should need this service in the future

The full anonymised report is available here

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