Survey: Funding for Visual Artists and Visual Artist Led Initiatives in Republic of Ireland

advocacyThis survey looks at the current available funding for visual artists and visual artist led initiatives. The survey asks if the current systems are adequate, and what potential changes are needed. The findings will be presented in report format to the Arts Council.

Your identity will be removed from reports that are generated.

The survey is broken into two sections: Individual Artists and Artist Led Initiatives (Exhibition Programmes, Community Groups, Workspaces, and Events/Projects). When answering for an Artist Led Initiative please ensure that you are answering on behalf of the entire initiative so that we don’t receive multiple answers from the same group.

For the purpose of this survey, Artist Led Initiatives are defined as created, managed and operated by visual artists or committee of visual artists; operated on a non-profit basis; with a continuing program of creative activities dedicated to professional visual artists.

The survey will close on Thursday, 26th June 2014 at 5pm – so we urge you to complete it now and have your voice heard

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