The Building Peace Through The Arts, Re-Imaging Communities Programme

The Building Peace Through The Arts Re-Imaging Communities Programme, funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the European Union’s programme for Peace and Reconciliation (Peace III) managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and International Fund for Ireland enables people throughout Northern Ireland and the border region of the Republic to tackle sectarianism and racism. The programme funded local consultation and engaged communities in the exploration of themes which unite rather than divide, ultimately leading to the creation of public artwork that promotes tolerance and understanding

Stage 2 of the programme is now near completion and will see the unveiling of projects across Northern Ireland and the border counties. It has facilitated community consultation and creative engagement enabling thousands of people to participate whilst offering many the opportunity to meet and engage with people from diverse backgrounds. The Building Peace Through the Arts Re-Imaging Communities programme has changed the landscape of Northern Ireland and the border region, positively transforming the public realm and community relations.

For further information and to read the full Building Peace Through The Arts Spring 2015 Newsletter, CLICK HERE

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