VAI Lifelong Learning | This Week’s Events

In this week’s VAI Lifelong Learning offer, Glasgow School of Art’s John Thorne returns to deliver a webinar and 1-2-1 clinics on The Ethical Artist Creating Challenging, Meaningful Work in a Changing World on Tuesday 26th April at 11am (Webinar) and from 1-5pm (Clinics). The webinar will highlight best practice considerations and techniques for visual artists who wish to reduce their environmental impacts, use materials with more awareness, and create art that challenges our ecological and societal perspective. Emerging and mid-level visual artists will gain key insights on the on the use of materials, of exhibiting work, travel, the power of art to emotionally connect us, and our proportional responsibility.

The online clinics will also be undertaken by environmentalist John Thorne who has been Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Coordinator since 2013: Working with designers, architects and artists his work seeks to broaden and deepen student experience, exploring how practice can connect us to ourselves and each other and promote social justice.

Book your webinar place here.

County Kerry based visual artists, book your free clinic place here.

Following on from the discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of working collaboratively, the panel discussion on How to Create an Artist Led Network will shed some light on:

  • How to set up an Artist Led Network from scratch
  • How you can use you peer network to acquire opportunities
  • How big should your network be (and why)
  • What are the steps involved to ensure that you work with the themes and people you want
  • How you can manage the many expectations that may arise in coming together as an artist group

The panel discussion will explore the routes taken/experiences of leading practitioners who operate in and work with Artist Led Networks.

The panel is moderated by Kate O’Shea and includes Ben Readman and Lisa Crowne.

This event is free for Visual Artists based in the Counties of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.

Book your place for the panel discussion here.

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