VAI Lifelong Learning | Upcoming April Events

Following on from our March programme in Lifelong Learning which covered topics such as working with curators, the St Anne’s Park commission with Sculpture Dublin, developing a digital identity, working collaboratively and our first show and tell of the year, we have an interesting line-up of events this month.

Our first live event of the year takes place at 1pm on Friday 15 April in the Glebe House and Gallery, Churchill, Co Donegal.

The Donegal Visual Artists Network was set up in 2021 to support artist development in County Donegal. The network is led by Artlink Fort Dunree, Regional Cultural Centre (Letterkenny), Glebe House & Gallery and An Gailearaí. In this event you will hear updates from the Donegal Visual Artists Network team on current work and future opportunities and a summary from VAI on the needs analysis work undertaken in 2021 that explored the visual arts practice in County Donegal.

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Our online skills programme continues this month with the following events…

How to Shape Your Artist Career Path – Webinar & Clinics: 21 April

We all know the challenges and sometimes it is hard to know what a career path might look like. This is particularly true for artists who may feel that they are not part of a “major city” scene. We have all said at some time… it is easy for artists in such and such a big city, they are part of that clique… but, in fact, all face the same issues and there are many opportunities for us to explore and develop no matter where we live and work. Although this webinar will focus on Offaly (and there are 8 free clinic slots for County Offaly based artists), it is of value to all as it will look at what opportunities exist and the necessity of collaboration and networking when based in rural areas. With Therry Rudin.

The Ethical Artist – Creating, Challenging, Meaningful work in a Changing World – Webinar & Clinics: 26 April

This event will highlight best practice considerations and techniques for visual artists who wish to reduce their environmental impacts, use materials with more awareness, and create art that challenges our ecological and societal perspective. Emerging and mid-level visual artists will gain key insights on the on the use of materials, of exhibiting work, travel, the power of art to emotionally connect us, and our proportional responsibility. This interactive webinar will be led by environmentalist John Thorne who has been Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Coordinator since 2013.

How to create an Artist Led Network – Panel Discussion: 28 April

Following on from last month’s discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of working collaboratively, how can you set up an Artist Led Network from scratch? How can you use you peer network to acquire opportunities? How big should your network be? (and why?) What are the steps involved to ensure that you work with the themes and people you want? How do you manage the many expectations that may arise in coming together as an artist group? In this panel discussion, we explore the routes taken by and range of experiences of leading practitioners who operate in and work with Artist Led Networks. The panel is moderated by Kate O’Shea and includes Ben Readman (Block T) and Lisa Crowne (A4 Sounds).

To read more and register for these events, book here.

We hope you can join us.

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