Reminder: VAI Survey on Artists Payments and Workplace

Reminder: VAI Survey on Artists Payments and Workplace

VAI is updating to our research into the real impact and experience of the Artists’ Payments Guidelines. Rob (Hilken) and Shelly (McDonnell) have been working on putting together a questionnaire to capture the information that we need to continue our advocacy work in that area. Many have filled it out already, and a huge thank you to those that have. If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the survey yet, then we ask you to give it some time? It is based on information that you will have from your accounts for 2019, and if you haven’t started to do your 2020 accounts yet, then ballpark figures will do.

You may think that the survey is not for you. But, it is really important to us that we know about artists working at all levels of experience, and especially to know about artists who may not have generated an income from their practice during 2019 or 2020.

Also, we are asking about studios, which is another area of our advocacy, and one where we want to update our knowledge on the current demand versus supply across the country.

We are very keen to understand if the Guidelines are proving to be effective and also to hear your story about your experience. You may not have had exhibitions or income in those years and you may not feel that the survey is for you, but it is still important that we hear from you. The link to the Survey is

We are also asking organisations questions about their experience of the Guidelines and looking at their realities. We believe that it is important to get both sides of the story, and to understand those who have effectively implemented payment policies as well as those who have yet to do so, as well as the barriers that they may experience in their efforts to support artists. Already findings are coming in and they are making for interesting reading, and will again inform our advocacy to policy makers and funding bodies, who have been very open to our conversations about the support of artists across all levels of experience and art practices.

If you are an organisation who engages with Visual Artists, the organisation version of the survey can be found at

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