VAN: January / February 2010

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Visual Artists’ News Sheet

3. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
3. Column. Marie-Louise Blaney. The Model: Dorm Project
4. Column. Chris Fite-Wassilak. Real Art Top Ten 2009.
8. News. The latest developments in the arts sector.
10. Regional Profile. Visual Arts Resources & Activity in Co. Waterford
13. How is it Made? Everyday Movements. Connolly and Cleary discuss the processes behind the making of their work Moving Dublin.
14. Residency Profile. Simply Seeing. Milada Bacik reports on her participation in a residency in Armenia.
15. Residency Profile. Residential Adventure Cóilín Rush reports on residency at Kulttuurikauppila, N. Finland.
16. Residency Profile. Pride. Isolation and Globalisation. Alan James Burns profiles his artist’s residency at The National Centre for Contemporary Art St. Petersburg on the Kronstadt programme in Russia.
17. Career Development. Reckoner George Bolster talks about his installation at Mass MOCA, USA.
18. Technical. Synthetics & Delicates. Dr Bronwyn Ormsby, Senior Conservation Scientist at The Tate, London offers an overview of the findings of Tate AXA Art Modern Paints Project.
19. Institution Profile. Expanded Studio. David Turner & Fiona Goggin profile Platform, a new studio venture in Belfast.
20. Project Profile. Corners of Reflection. Sarah Lincoln profiles ‘The Preponderance of the Small’ a city- wide off-site exhibition initiated by the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin (25 Sept – 31 Oct 2009)
21. Art in the Public Realm: Roundup. Recent public art commissions, site-specific works, socially engaged practice and other forms of art outside the gallery.
22. International. Fortifying Dialogue An interview with Egyptian Curator, broadcaster, editor and Critic Sherif Awad, who contributed to the Solus Collective’s Irish / Arabian Avant-Garde Film Tour.
23. Opportunities. All the lastest grants, awards, commissions etc.
28. The Problem Page. Our consierge / curator of agony responds to a selection of queries and conceptual quibbles – offering in return, nothing less than life-shattering, dilemma-inducing, paradigm-shifting nonsense.
28. Artoons. The foibles, ironies, and occasional stupidity of the art world – captured with clarity and economy by Pablo Helguera.
29. Advocacy. Kick Starting the Core. Noel Kelly CEO / Director of Visual Artists Ireland discusses the situation facing artists and arts institutions in the context of the recession – and argues that now is a time of
great opportunity as well as challenge.
31. Conference. Arts Value to Health. Vagabond Reviews discuss ‘Vital Signs’ an event, focused on the subject of arts & health care, which took place in Dublin 14 – 21 October 2009.
32. Conference. When is Then? Fiona Fullam reports on the ‘First Former West Congress’, held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 5 – 7 November 2009.

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